about us


Cyrus wheels specialized in design, engineering, and manufacturing of all kinds of wheels to meet the specific needs of luxury cars, trucks, and SUV vehicles.

A set of iconic eye-catching designs of alloy wheels will enhance the appearance of your vehicle and will make your vehicle stand out from the crowd which is our mission so that we gathered an elite group of designers and highly mastered engineers, and most importantly advanced production infrastructure to design, manufacture and test special and iconic wheels for our customers. Cyrus wheels are Designed in-house by our devoted design and engineering team in London to put time and effort into research and development to ensure premium quality in aesthetics, style, and craftsmanship.


Cyrus is Design. We aimed to be different. We have to know how to combine the beauty of tradition and the courage of innovation whilst being creative on the form to achieve the best result of design and performance at one time. We are committed to making our wheels the most iconic wheels on the market. From pen and paper to the computer then we utilize the latest in computer-aided engineering and testing.


Our production facilities are where which makes our characteristic designs become reality. We organized the entire manufacturing and distribution process carefully to guaranteed quality which is uncompromising for us supported by our heritage of experience in the Wheels industry. Our numerous manufacturing technologies enable us to produce wheels that are on the cutting edge of both design and performance. For example, Rotary Forging™ is a cutting-edge technology we have utilized to simultaneously increase wheel stability significantly and reducing rotational mass. Also, we have a commitment to offering the best customer service possible to build a strong connection with our customers by providing a fast and friendly service.

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