Cyrus Flow Formed wheels are crafted with precision and expertise. Cyrus Flow forming technology stands as an advanced manufacturing technology within the wheel industry. It involves applying pressure to the inner barrel of the wheel while it is spinning after being cast. This process effectively stretches and compresses the aluminum 6061 T-6, resulting in significantly increased tensile strength. As a result, the final product is notably lighter, stronger, and exhibits enhanced tensile strength, elongation, and shock resistance compared to traditional cast wheels.


Flow forming is arguably the most advanced manufacturing process to be brought into the wheel industry. The key difference between the original cast wheel and flow formed wheels is in the thickness of the wheel barrel. Flow Forming involves applying pressure to the inner barrel of the wheel once casted, whilst spinning at high speed. This makes the product thinner and lighter, as the aluminum in the wheel casting is stretched and compressed - ultimately increasing tensile strength. 

What are the Benefits?

Flow Forming Technology has a great number of benefits, making the Wheel industry and the end product a lot safer and efficient out on the road. Some benefits include:


The flow forming process makes the wheel weigh significantly less than the typical cast wheel of a same spec (around 25% lighter). Although previously a lighter wheel may have only been of an interest to racers to reduce the amount of unsprung weight, we can apply this to any vehicle. The lighter weight of a Flow Formed Wheel offers a better throttle response and increased power. As well as this, economically the Flow Formed Wheel offers fuel savings and increased fuel mileage. 


As well as creating a lighter wheel, Flow Forming Technology also allows for a stronger wheel. On average, Flow Formed Wheels create a 20-30% increase in tensile strength when compared to the conventional cast wheel. This allows for more shock resistance when out on the roads.

Greater Shock Resistance 

This greater shock resistance as mentioned above is a key benefit of the stronger, Flow Formed wheels as it adds to the increased stress capacity formed by the stretching and compressing of the original cast wheel.

Increased Elongation 

Elongation can also be described as the limit a wheel is able to flex before reaching breaking point. Flow Forming Technology provides an increase in elongation, both in the barrel and rear flange area which significantly increases the shock resistance in a potential hazard. 

Higher Load Rating 

Due to the fact that producing wheels with Flow Forming Technology increases the tensile strength of a wheel design, this also yields a higher load rating in comparison to a conventional cast wheel.