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2022 International Jeep safari competition.

Jeep Safari Competition Thrills Participants in Oman's Al Ghubha Desert In a thrilling display of off-road prowess, a Jeep safari competition recently took place in Oman's rugged Al Ghabha Desert. Cyrus Wheels proudly sponsored this adventurous event that drew in participants and spectators from far and wide. Known for its challenging terrain and breathtaking landscapes, the Al Ghabha Desert provided the perfect backdrop for the two-day competition that put both man and machine to the test.

Forged Monoblock

The Cyrus Forged Monoblock wheels are created from a heated aluminum bar and pressed at different steps by an 8000-ton press to form a roughly cylindrical shape. The flow-forming process is then used to stretch the channel, aligning the granular flow of the aluminum for greater support of working loads.
The wheel is then exposed to heat treatment to improve its mechanical properties.

Flow forming Technology

Flow forming is arguably the most advanced manufacturing process to be brought into the wheel industry. The key difference between the original cast wheel and flow formed wheels is in the thickness of the wheel barrel. Flow Forming involves applying pressure to the inner barrel of the wheel once casted, whilst spinning at high speed. This makes the product thinner and lighter, as the aluminum in the wheel casting is stretched and compressed - ultimately increasing tensile strength.